Hauskauf in Valencia

South Sea Dreames?


For all "South Sea dreamers" who want to escape their cold and expensive country even with little pension, our house purchase offer would be ideal.

Here is our offer for all those who can no longer stand the humid heat by the sea or who prefer a more exclusive residential area:

My Filipino family sells an (unfurnished) residential complex with 2 large houses (about 2x 100sqm) and a large garden (900 sqm) in the cool "mountains" on the outskirts of Valencia (see photos).


Our property is located directly on the main road and would therefore also be ideal for business!

Since foreigners (as in Thailand) are not allowed to purchase any property in the Philippines, the associated property could be leased for many years.
If you don't need one house at the moment, you could rent it out well or sell it later at a profit, because Valencia is one of the best residential areas in the Philippines! Hence a very good investment.

Earthquake-proof, stable construction in reinforced concrete with a roof structure made of steel, consequently no problems with termites and other insect infestation for a lifetime!
- Interior height almost 3 meters, so there is always enough fresh air to breathe!
- All floors and the bathrooms / toilets are brightly tiled.
- Electric water heater with shower set in the bathrooms.
- Kitchenettes with sinks
- Fast fiber optic cable internet (up to 10Mbps)

Would you like to change something in the buildings? Conversions are very cheap in the Philippines and you do not need a building permit and additions can be made quickly and easily.

Even in old age you do not have to fear a retirement home, because if the worst comes to the worst, we can also offer you affordable and professional care for the elderly for only around US-$ 200 per month. So much better than being wrapped expressly in a nursing home and then immobilized by Valium and forgotten in front of the TV. Do not be afraid of "life-extending" high-tech medicine, because you can only get it on special request!

If you only need domestic help for cooking and cleaning, you can hire a housemaid or houseboy at any time for only around US-$ 100 per month.


The purchase price for the toal residential complex with the 2 houses and workshop (totaly about 220 sqms of living space) and about 900 sqm property is only PHP 9,9 Mio (plus notary fees)!
More details on request!

It would be also possible to buy only the right side of the semi-detached house with 55sqm living-area and about 400sqm property for only PHP 4,9 Mio (plus notary fees).

If you want to lease the property as a foreigner, then the property lease is only 1 US-$ per year (+ property tax), because foreigners cannot buy properties in the Philippines, only lease it. Should the laws change in the future, the property will of course be transferred to you free of charge (+ notary fees).

Viewing is possible at any time (by appointment)!


Valencia with its local markets, large amusement park, 2 illuminated tennis courts, ambulance and police is only 2 minutes awy from our property and just less than 10 minutes (8 km) away from the lively capital Dumaguete and is one of the liveliest, safest and cleanest communities in the Philippines (Income Class 1 (!).
The population is currently around 30,000 (approx. 5000 households).
So please do not compare our "First Class" area with cheap offers in "wild, uncivilized" areas or on lonely islands with many power failures, poverty, high crime and poor medical care!
Hundreds of foreigners (Germans, British, Americans, etc.) have already found their safe, comfortable home here and are happy about every newcomer.

Nature lovers prefer our cool mountain world (300m to 500m above sea level) with a high standard of living and full of peace.
Valencia (especially our district of Jawa) is often referred to as "Little Baguio", because our healthy, cool climate is roughly comparable to the island of Tenerife/Spain (just not so expensive and overcrowded with tourists).
The highest volcano is Mount Talinis, about 9 km southwest of Valencia with its 1900 meters.
The last outbreak is unknown, so it happened a long, long time ago.
Two crater lakes with hot sulfur springs and the Casaroro waterfalls are a popular tourist destinations.

The long sandy beaches around Dumaguete and Dauin as well as international restaurants, banks, supermarkets and university clinics including the port and airport are only a few minutes away.

A flight Dumaguete - Manila only takes about 1 hour and costs only about 65 US-$. So ideal for a weekend trip to the lively capital Manila as well as excursions to the Pagsanjan Waterfalls, Subic Bay, Mount Pinatubo or the Banaue Rice Terraces. You can stay overnight in hundreds of good hotels or guest houses.

There are also plenty of worthwhile excursion destinations around Valencia (see right column), so it never gets boring. Even TV and Internet is not a problem via satellite or fiber optic cable and the cell phone connection worldwide is cheap.

If you have forgotten to buy something nutritious in Valencia or Dumaguete, a well-stocked supermarket "just around the corner" will help you out of a jam.
And if you need domestic help for cooking and cleaning, you can hire a housemaid or house boy for only around € 100 per month.


This large butterfly rests on the wall of our house during daytime

Our Pool - Offer: Valencia Forest Camp

Valencia Forest Camp, a wonderful, huge recreational facility, only about 3 minutes away from us!
A natural paradise built in the Filipino wood and bamboo style in the mountains with many cool, terraced mountain water pools and a good, inexpensive restaurant. You can also bring your own food and eat it at one of the many tables or rent your own party hut!
Ideal for paddling in the approx. 23 ° "cool", crystal clear water and relaxing at approx. 28 ° under tropical trees and bushes!
For older, heat-sensitive people, it is far better than the often hot sea beach!

Bergwasser - Pools 

Medical Supplies

For "South Sea Dreamers" their dream often turns into a nightmare if they have settled on a romantic, lonely island and suddenly need a doctor or a hospital due to an accident or an acute illness (heart attack, stroke, colic, etc.). Because then fast, life-saving transportation often takes too long and in bad weather it is completely impossible!


In Dumaguete we have two good university hospitals as well as a modern city hospital and numerous medical practices.
A 1st-class hospital room costs only around US-$ 45 per day (plus doctor and medication) including aircon, TV, shower / toilet and an extra bed for an accompanying person.

Visiting a doctor it costs only around US-10.- and for the same amount modern dentists seal your ailments here. Even a ceramic crown, including all sessions, x-rays, temporary restorations, impressions and pain injections, costs only about US-$ 125.-
An X-ray (e.g. chest / lungs / heart) costs just under 4 US-$,
a complete blood laboratory test including urine only approx. 13 US-$!

And in pharmacies you can get almost all medicines for any disease without a prescription.

Valencia Climate

There is only a 1.6 ° C difference between the warmest month of May and the coldest January.
Average temperatures between 25.9 and 27.5 ° C.
At night it gets pleasantly cool with us (at about 500m altitude)!